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Capoeira (Sun, 27 Sep 2015)
Now let's see, in many Asian countries, when you go to work the first thing you do is exercise with Thai Chi or similar. Well, we start work quite early and I can't see how we can get the whole staff up earlier for this. But..... on Friday we thought, let's work out a little. In our lunch break, David and I put our sport stuff on and did one hour of Capoeira followed by abdominals. We warmed up and started kicking each other! Here a few pics, for your amusement:
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The team went Rafting! (Wed, 16 Sep 2015)
Here we see Yvonne and little Sarah, still dry!  The Venture Team went Rafting in Murcia! Thank you for Santi of Quesada Gym and Boxing for organizing this fun time out! She must be dreading this, her eyes are shut! Our hub of the garage, Emma with her husband Steve.  We are the boat in the back, still trying to going.... typical! The crazy teams, family and friends! On our way down the first "slide" keep rowing guys! Woohoo!!!! Only Millie seems to be the brave one with her arm up! Screeeeaaaammmmm! Look at David's face, he's biting himself! Yay! Courtney seems thoughtful? Everyone rafting that day, a few of us missing as we didn't know there was a picture taken... :)
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