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Your brake it, we fix it! For all scratches, dents, collission repairs, bodywork in general, paint, design work, long lasting head light polish, etc.



Need a navigation system? Parking sensors? Hands-free telephone system, head rest with integrated monitors? Not a problem! Whatever your multimedia wish may be, our technicians can install it for you!



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Los Pistoleros Country Festival and cars! (Fri, 21 Oct 2016)
Tomorrow is the big country festival from the Los Pistoleros group in Guardamar! Venture Fleet SL has been invited to bring along some nice rides! So, here we are, cleaning and polishing to give the a shine that will blind anyone! Now, fingers crossed for good weather please! Yeeha!!
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Birthday ! (Mon, 17 Oct 2016)
Today, we are celebrating Yvonne's 29th birthday..... Yes, 29!! Let her believe so, we keep celebrating the same one each year but it makes her happy. ;) Already she was surprised this morning by her friend, Barbara, who sneaked in with flowers in one hand and a chocolate muffin with a candle in the other!!! It's double the bless! Surprise and chocolate! Needles to say, the muffin was not shared and disappeared very quickly in someone's tummy.... There goes the healthy eating out of the window, again.  Bandit on the other hand, knows to give his mummy lots of love and cuddles on her birthday. You simply can't beat being this cute! And, smile!! No birthday without pressies, so here we have the drink for the day, plus the lipstick for the night........ Thank you to Uncle Alan and Auntie Joyce, who made sure their present got special delivery through David Snr. to the garage.  And of course, the husband made a very special gift with this organizer (yes, Yvonne is a planner and organizer, typical German one may say...)  and a mug for coffee or tea with her real title! Finally some recognition around here! About time! So, pleas bow and kneel as you enter!    Lots of lovely cards and wishes of all sorts! Thank you! Not sure if she gets any work done today as she is quite distracted right now....  Happy birthday and enjoy your work day! ;)
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