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The Monkeys! (Fri, 27 Feb 2015)
This is too funny, but it has to be told. You know how you call Mechanics Grease Monkeys? Well, it completely applies today to us!! Apart from having designed a sign that will go on the grills, which you can see below, David Sr. had to proof his monkey skills! As he went home to pick up his bag, Jennifer was just leaving the house and locked the gate. So, here it is, David Sr. didn't have his keys on him! He called his wife but no answer. As he saw that no one would be cominig to the rescue he climbed over his 2 meter wall making sure the tiles wouldn't hit his chin. Knees in place = check Breath ok = check made it successful over the wall = check Banana for compensation = check (he always eats one at the garage) So, our eldest monkey of 68 has proven to be still agile and athletic, well done! And on that note everyone, HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND!
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Busy "repair" bees (Thu, 26 Feb 2015)
Wow, this month has flown by! We had been busy as bees caring for your 4 wheels! Now heading for that end spurt of this short month and start with fresh energy in March! We had some amazing vehicles in this month, such as Mustangs and Hummers! As well as a caravan, and lots of exciting paint job cars!
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The Car Club to be in! No fees, no obligations, no restrictions. Just turn up every second Saturday of each month at Reflections Bar & Restaurant, in Ur. San Luís, Torrevieja, at 13:00h and have a great time with all the other petrol heads!

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