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Easter at our Doorstep! (Tue, 31 Mar 2015)
Get ready for Easter! Kids eyes widen with the perspective of Easter eggs and Easter Hunts! Everyone starts crafting, such as Emma's kids, who are making Easter Bonnetts and little Sarah with all her drawing! David Sr. has his last day today before he sets off to his holiday! We wish him a great time away from break downs, ITV's and 11 o'clock Tea Breaks! Have fun! On the note of kids, a rather sad and chaotic news, the school Emma's little one goes to, a part of the building collapsed today, so it was all cornered off and kids went home! Early Easter holiday for some! Always think positiv! At the garage everything runs as usual, with the pressure of a few Bank Holidays this and next week, but we hope to attend all of your customers with the highest efficiency and speed possible. Just please bear with us due to so many days closed! Thank you! And here goes our Easter/April Offer:
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Birthday Boy! (Fri, 13 Mar 2015)
Well, this was a fun week again! We had a birthday to celebrate, David Sr. turned 25 again yesterday 12/03. Here some pics of the young happy boy! He wore his new jacket with the Mod Cruiserz Spain logo! Thank you for a great time, Dad!
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The Car Club to be in! No fees, no obligations, no restrictions. Just turn up every second Saturday of each month at Reflections Bar & Restaurant, in Ur. San Luís, Torrevieja, at 13:00h and have a great time with all the other petrol heads!

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